PSA - Invest in a Dash Cam - She Blamed Me For Her Hitting My Truck

Invest in a Dash Cam. This lady rolled back into me at a stop light and tried to blame me for running into her. You can see us approaching her and she takes her foot off the brake. She kept blaming me and that I rolled into her saying it wasnt her card because her car is an automatic it cant roll ba...More

Road Rage caught on Dash Cam

Road Rage caught on dash cam with instant Karma. Road Rage instant Karma in Vancouver, BC

Late night Suspicious roadblock dash cam

Suspicious Road Block on NJ Turnpike. Scary Stuff.. Dash cam footage, roadblock in the middle of a highway late at night. no lights or hazards. both lanes blocked off. Suspicious for sure, scary to think what could have happened. UPDATE: suspects have been detained, one was wanted. Jukin Media ...More

SOCHI 2014 - Speed Skating Double Dash Final

SOCHI 2014 - Speed Skating Double Dash Final. Men's 500 metre In Sochi's Baby Park Stadium. Created by Michael Shanks Commentary by Michael Shanks and Nicholas Issell Featuring Nicholas Colla and a Banana Special Thanks to Chris Hocking and Louie McNamara Follow me at

Tumblr Dash Con FAIL Dashcon Disaster 2014

Video showcasing what happens when a few people from Tumblr think they can organize a con. The disaster that was Dashcon 2014..

Meteor Caught On Dash Cam | Tauranga New Zealand

New Zealand Meteor Mid-Air Explosion Caught on Dash Cam. On my way to the gym when bam this comes out of no where. I actually thought it was Lightning. Pretty cool to have seen it happen little ol' New Zealand..

Tumblr Dash Con FAIL - Dashcon Disaster 2014

Tumblr Dash Con FAIL - Dashcon Disaster 2014. A document of Tumblr's Dashcon 2014. For educational purposes

Dash cam car crash

Super calm woman in car crush caught by dash cam[0:28]. A friend of mine had an accident with her car. Luckily, nobody got hurt. Gotta admire how she keeps her cool though, I'd be bummin' had this happen to me. Hell, I'd be dead, since I drive a Renault Super Cinq.

Introducing Amazon Dash Button: Place it. Press it. Get it.

Introducing Amazon Dash Button: Place it. Press it. Get it.. Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites at the same low prices offered on Amazon....More

Bike riding Kid hit by car - Caught on Dash Cam

Poor kid learns the hard way not to turn into corners blindly. - A Child riding a bike in a Caravan park flies around a blind corner into the bonnet of a vehicle with a dash camera. Courtesy Ash

Jadeveon Clowney - 40 yard dash - Combine 2014

At 6'5" 266 lbs, NFL Prospect Jadeveon Clowney Just Ran A 4.47 40 Yard Dash. Jadeveon Clowney - 40 yard dash - Combine 2014 Unofficial 4.47s

Взрыв автобуса в Волгограде (видео с регистратора) / Bus explosion in Volgograd (dash

Bus explosion in Russia today. Теракт в Волгограде ... Останки террористки-смертницы найдены в автобсусе, взорвавшемся сегодня,21 октября, в Волгограде. как сообщает п...More

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