Best Dad in the WORLD - He LIES

Best Dad in the WORLD - He LIES. More at: and

Dad Punches Toddler In Face (Original Video)

Man caught on tape punching a toddler in a convenience store.. Police are searching for a man who hit a toddler in the face in Bakersfield, CA. Caught on surveillance 4/9/15. Please share.

"Sorry Dad"

"Sorry Dad".

Lexi Wakes Dad UP

Lexi Samoyed wakes dad...sooo gently. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND POST ON FACEBOOK, IT IS ILLEGAL. FEEL FREE TO LINK THE VIDEO. Lexi the Samoyed wakes dad up very gently. She wants to go on a walk and she doesn't like when dad sleeps in. Please visit my Facebook page,

My White Jamaican Dad (Original)

White man speaking Jamaican.. I interview my dad! Click on the CC button to see captions of what my dad is saying translated into English! Links! Check out my Facebook page: Tweet me:!/Kellso Edit: Some people have a...More

Important information from my Armenian dad

My step dad forced me to upload this..

From Dad To Son - Shortfilm

I made an animation short film out of paper.. The story exists in its basic features since the fable «The father and his sons» by Aesop (600 B.C.) and is told to this day in anecdotes and urban myths. In «From Dad To Son» we translated a written narrative into a paper crafted animation short. ...More

Seahawks Dad Ruins Baby's Birthday Song

Mom tries to sing birthday song with baby for Grandma while dad angrily yells at the Seahawks/Packers game in the background. (0:11 & 0:36). Seahawks fan dad isn't taking the Packers game so well in the background while mom is making birthday video for grandma with Beast Mode baby.

Dad Works Hard "White Shoes" OFFICIAL VIDEO

The 3 most ridiculous people I've ever met formed a band and made a music video and this is the result. Portland Oregon's own Dad Work's Hard coming in hot with their first video entitled "White Shoes." Voted best new band in PDX by The Gregg Williams Foundation and winner of the coveted Gregg Willi...More

Dad pissed off at son for wearing skinny jeans!!

Dad pissed off at son for sagging his damn pants. Dad stops his son from wearing skinny sagging jeans out of the house!! Too Funny!! New Hot single on ITUNES "Jeans So Tight" by Dhat Spark

The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel

The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel. Some dad jokes are so punny, they kill. Created by Chomp Chomp Comedy Starring: Dru Johnston & Ted Limpert Featuring: Lauren Adams, Alex Viola, Molly Lloyd, Stephen Keely, Jacqui Rossi, Greg O'Neill, & Frank Carson Written & Directed by Tyler G Hall Picture ...More

spring-loaded glitter bomb vs dad

My dad always reads my mail so I decided to teach him a lesson by sending a glitter bomb to myself from

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