How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger For Cosplay!

Need to watch the video again, didn't hear what she was saying.. G'day! This video is for the lovely ladies in the cosplay community who want to achieve that ridiculous huge fake boob look. It's also relevant for transgender male-female people who want more feminine curves, dragqueens, promotional m...More

Winter London Film & Comic Con (WLFCC) - October 2013 - Cosplay Music Videoā€¸

2013 London Comic Con Cosplayers Reel. Every cosplayer should get a treatment like this.. London Film & Comic Con Winter 2013 hit Kensington Olympia, our first convention being back in the UK so we headed up, camera's in hand to film with some of the best cosplayers we could see! Huge thank yo...More

The best cosplay of all time

best cosplay of all time. You know how, outside car yard sales, they'll have those big inflatable stick figure people who flap around? Well, right towards the end of Brisbane Supanova 2012, I ran into this guy. He had *everyone* in stiches. :D


Predatoddler. awwwww :-) this little kid wins everything!!!

Cosplay - San Diego Comic Con - SDCC - Cosplay Music Video - 2013

Comic-Con Cosplays. San Diego Comic Con - The biggest and best show for everything Comic, Film & Video related took place in July 2013. With some amazing cosplayers attending as part of The Nerdist we couldn't resist bringing a little of our UK style of video to the show and film some of the bes...More

DragonCon 2012 - Epic Cosplay

DragonCon 2012 - Epic Cosplay. "Real Hero" Remix by Panic City FYI - That Samara and Commander Shepard are the actual face model and voice actor from the game - in costume! This is a small taste of Dragon*Con, a multimedia celebration that happens every Labor Day w...More

Malicious attack on 'Predator' cosplay entertainer in Birmingham

Malicious attack on 'Predator' cosplay entertainer in Birmingham. A malicious attack on a 'Predator' cosplay street entertainer outside the Bullring shopping centre in New Street, Birmingham. The street entertainer was attacked and fell on a child who was watching him perform. Do you know the attack...More

Ron Funches' Guide to Black Cosplay

Ron Funches Guide to Black Cosplay. Ron Funches walks you through the best costumes for all your black cosplay needs. Break's invading San Diego's Comic-Con, bringing cosplay, live comedy, gaming world record attempts and more. Join us! Party with us at Comic-Con! RSVP here: ...More

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