Baby Beau and Corgi Tucker's Brotherly Love

Hilarious Corgi trying to get baby to chase him. "Is this mini human broken human?"- Tucker. Tucker wasn't always excited to be around Beau, check out their first video: Tucker has always been skeptical of his baby brother, but Beau has loved his doggie from t...More

OMFG Corgi on a Carousel

Corgi on a Carousel.. Carter Grebbien video with omfgdogs soundtack on. Corgilove

Corgi puppy sees a mirror for the first time

Corgi puppy sees itself in a mirror for the first time. So I thought I was filming Fiona the corgi playing ball...and instead I captured her first experience with a mirror. Lol!

Corgi Snow Tunnel

Corgi runs through a snow tunnel. Violet the Corgi Going Through Her Snow Tunnel, If You Want To See More Please Check out Some of My other Corgi Videos and If You Like What You See, Subscribe! Like us on Facebook!

Corgi on a Carousel

Corgi on a Carousel. My carousel that my father reconstructed has a new favortie user. My five year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His names Meatball and he has always been strangely quirky and given us many laughs.

Bandit the Corgi vs. Ice

Corgi puppy vs. Ice cube. Follow Bandit on twitter @banditthecorgi Bandit, a 7-week old pembroke welsh corgi puppy, discovers ice. Watch more corgi puppy videos on Bandit's channel:

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