Sad but Beautiful "Mad World" Classical Guitar

Haunting Guitar version of "Mad World". Arranged and performed by Nathan Cragg. I have written the tabs out and they can be downloaded at

Vadrum - Classical Drumming - Out Now!

Classical Drumming. What is up guys! "Classical Drumming", my debut solo album featuring an Italian 36-Piece Orchestra, is now out! You can get it on my new International Online Store where you can find the CD Album, the Mp3 version, my new signature Drumsticks and s...More

Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas

One Man. One Guitar. And wow.. Learn this song from Tommy via multi-angle videos, transcriptions (Guitar Pro, Powertab, PDF, notation)! Full information here:

Skrillex Suite | Kaleidoscope Orchestra [LIVE] (Classical Dubstep)

skrillex goes classical. A Classical piece written by Steve Pycroft - using main themes from dubstep tunes by Skrillex. Performed by a live, 30 piece orchestra, at the Contact Theatre, Manchester. Music includes - 'Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits', 'Cinema' (Benny Benassi), 'Right In', 'Equinox (Fir...More

The Lord of the Rings - Concerning Hobbits (Classical Guitar)

The Shire theme on Spanish Guitar. Pure bliss.. My arrangement of the Shire theme from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit! I hope you enjoy it, and please watch in HD :). Tab (A): Facebook: Twitter: https://twitt...More

Classical Imperial March

We imagine his is what Darth Vader listens to while soaking in a candle-lite bubble bath after a long day of evil plotting.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (for Classical Guitar Quartet) (Rerecord)

Awesome classical guitar cover of MJ's Billie Jean. I've never been happy with the way the first recording turned out, as I was in a hurry to get it onto YouTube and I rushed through the whole process, so here's a second attempt. Also, this gives me an opportunity to announce that I finally got of ...More

Classical orchestra eating the worlds hottest chili peppers ...

Classical orchestra eating the worlds hottest chili peppers while playing 'Tango Jalousie' .... Members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers. The orchestra is conducted by Chili Klaus - a Danish Chili Pepper enthusiast. The Dan...More

6 Hour Classical Music Playlist by JaBig: Beautiful Piano Mix for Studying, Homework, Essay Writing

6 Hour Classical Music Playlist for finals. - Download the high-quality MP3 audio now: - Playlist: - Like JaBig on Facebook: - Twitter: WHY COMMENTS WERE DISABLED:

Malaguena - classical guitar

Amazing guitar playing, amazing video skills.. CD "Favorites" available Michael Lucarelli plays "Malaguena" on classical guitar. Support me by downloading this piece from one of the following links: Download from Itunes -

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