Comedian Bobby Lee goes undercover and then joins a comedy class under the name Toki Fong. My Time to Shine --- Bobby Lee, bobbylee, YouTube, MAD TV, comedy, sketch, funny, humor, prank, pranks, joke, jokes, character, characters, Asian, Asians, stereotype, stereotypes, vlog, vlogs, video diary,...More

Alan Belcher MMA Club BJJ Class Punk'd by Alex Vamos

Black Belt disguised as a white belt prank MMA by Alex Vamos. BJJ Black belt Alex Vamos of Vamos Bros MMA on Long Island, New York checks into Alan Belcher MMA Club on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi. Mikey Triangles...More

Sonic In Gym Class

Sonic in gym class. Watch sonic as he runs through a gym level. What will happen? Will he die? Will he go fast? Find out now.

First Look: Why Cindy Crawford Set Out to Be Financially Independent - Oprah's Master Class - OWN

When Cindy Crawford was a girl growing up in the small town of DeKalb, Illinois, her parents divorced. Watch as Cindy shares how her mother's dependence on weekly child support payments made her determined to be able to take care of herself. Plus, Cindy shares how she learned to lean on her husband,...More

April Fools Video Prank in Math Class

Math professor pranks his class once again!. I played a trick on my math class for April Fool's Day. In this one, I'm showing a "homework help" video that gets some trigonometry wrong. How embarrassing!

British Airways First Class - Filth Class

British Airways First Class - Filth Class. This is what first class in BA is really like. London to Saint Lucia on 17th January 2015. We saved for a trip of a lifetime and this is what we got.

Hip Hop Spin Class with KTX

Hip Hop Spin Class.

Terminal Cornucopia :: BLUNDERBUSSness Class :: Break-Action Shotgun

Man builds shotgun out of items that can be bought from an airport convenience store AFTER screening.. All materials required to build this weapon were purchased in an airport AFTER the security screening. Learn more at: DISCLAIMER: All Terminal Cornucopia weapo...More

horses are class

Irish guy goes to the horse races.. horses

Cousin Sal Pranks Aunt Chippy at Ceramics Class

Jimmy Kimmel's cousin Sal cleverly pranks his mother and her reaction is priceless, you can really se where they get their sense of humor. Jimmy has pulled so many pranks on Aunt Chippy that at at this point he’s always worried that she’ll catch on. So he sent his cousin Sal to mess with her whe...More

Worlds largest RC Heli - Red Bull Cobra (hobby class turbine, Josef Schmirl)

Worlds largest RC Heli - Red Bull Cobra. SUBSCRIBE to stay informed! ► NEW VIDEO: Eurocopter EC135 Onboard view: more Videos of this RED BULL COBRA ►► More info on BIG RC HELIS (feel f...More

Propane Explosion in Physics class

I love my science teacher! We asked him for an explosion, he delivered.. @Roskilde Katedralskole

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