The Christmas Light Killer

Every night in December people in a small suburb of Philadelphia flock to a holiday light show. They drive at a snails pace through the 2 mile stretch of beautiful light displays, listening to holiday music, soaking up the Christmas spirt. But at the end of each night one man drives the stretch alon...More

Emma's Puppy Suprise on Christmas

My sister's 5 month old puppy was killed by a vet's mistake. For Christmas we decided to give her a surprise, her reaction was beautiful.. My sister's 5 month old puppy was killed by a vet's mistake. For Christmas we decided to give her a surprise, her reaction was beautiful.

Speech Jammer Christmas Carols

Jingle Bells sung while using a speech jammer. (1:58). Like my knife page Friend me up on Facebook Follow me on Instagram @imtheaaron

Brutal Christmas Drumming 2014

Brutal Christmas Drumming 2014. I tried to play some jazzy drums, but then I remembered I can't.

Merry Mobbin' Christmas from Little Z and Dragonai!

My friend goes home every weekend to be with his family, and loves being there for his little sister - I just discovered his youtube channel and found out what an awesome brother he is!. Keep it fresh this holiday season with a bangin' little medley from me and the sis.

Merry Christmas

Son pays off his parents' mortgage as a Christmas present. For my parents.

Ethan's Christmas wish comes true

This boy has been asking for the same Christmas present since he was 2--This year, his parents finally gave it to him!. Ethan has asked for the same special Christmas present since he was 2. This year we were able to give him it. The moment the penny drops is priceless. The look on his face has made...More

"The Santa Slayer" - Launching Christmas Trees With The Slingshot

It is THIS time of the year again, the world celebrates Christmas. We wanted to tune in here at The Slingshot Channel and did a video especially for the holidays. This time, we decided to weaponize the entire Christmas tree, simply by removing most of the branches except the tip, which works as fle...More

Top Gear Crew Stoned in Argentina - Christmas Special

Top Gear Crew Stoned in Argentina. Watch the full show: Get the Top Gear 2015 Calendar and ALL episodes on Amazon: US: UK: Copyright BBC

The Christmas Broadcast 2014

Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas Broadcast of 2014. In this year's Christmas Broadcast, commonly known as 'The Queen's Speech', Her Majesty recalls the Christmas truce of 1914 as she speaks of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Merry Christmas 2014

A merry christmas from our favourite norwegian..

Chasing a Fed Ex truck down that was losing Christmas Packages out back door

A friend of mine in Colorado had to chase down a FedEx guy to (likely) save Christmas for a lot of people.. Chasing a FedEx truck down on HWY 40 in Colorado that had a back door open losing Christmas packages

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