Chocolate Lava Cakes from Chef with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi - Binging with Babish

Chocolate Lava Cakes from Chef with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi - Binging with Babish. Carl Casper is normally a pretty chill dude - but smugly shit on his shit, and you will catch the wrath of a man amidst a full-blown creative crisis. Follow along this week as we join the star of and culinary brain...More

Black Sushi Chef

Black Sushi Chef Just Can't Catch A Break. Things aren't always as they appear... WINSTON COMEDY. Twitter and Instagram: @winstoncomedy Michael Grant Warren @michaelgwarren Evan Krumholz @krumlifedotcom Sean Brogan @seannybrogs STARRING Justin Brown Featuring Yohei Kawamata Co-Directed, Edited, a...More

Chef Trailer

Chef Carl Casper quits his job at a high-end Los Angeles restaurant to start a food truck in Miami - and rediscovers his passion for life and his life's work.

Chef Ramsay Trolls HK Contestants

Chef Ramsay Trolls HK Contestants. Never trust Chef Ramsay. Season 9 Ep. 1

Chef Maya Erickson's Black Sesame Dessert

Maya Erickson’s Black Sesame Dessert Film by Director Jennifer Davick and Producer Amy Yvonne Yu Story by Writer Tanner Latham | Post-Production by @mfd_sf Stylized, Sexy, Provocative and Decadent. Everything You Would Expect from a Grandmother’s Recipe. At 13 years old, Maya Erickso...More

Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bullshit Meal

Celebrity Chef Cooks His Favorite Foodie Bullshit. Jim and Tracy welcome Celebrity Chef Ted Allen on Today Now! to show them how to make the most obnoxious, contrived meals for your dickhead foodie friends.

Chef Keith Guerke

From the guys who brought you yo-yo master

Chef Hiro makes a NoVe Slider Roll

Sushi Chef turns a sandwich into a damn creative sushi roll!. Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada makes his "Slider Roll" that was developed back in May of 2011 when we first opened. He takes a hoagie bun, adds 4 cheese: American, Cream Cheese, Pepperjack and shredded Mozzarella. Then adds Hass Avocado, P...More

Robot chef, stirs, pours, and changes cooking temperature

This dexterous robotic chef is able to mimic human cooking techniques to stir, pour, mix and more. The robot has taken two years to develop and the creators, the Shadow Robot Company, hope to be able to launch a commercial version by 2017.

Mario Batali on Leaving Iron Chef America

Mario Batali on why he left Iron Chef America. Mario Batali discusses why he left Iron Chef America.

One of chef Ramsay's funny moments during Masterchef competition

I've never seen Gordon Ramsay so happy!.

Epic Chef - Breakfast Challenge

Epic Meal Time's new internet cooking show 'Epic Chef' - Episode 1, the Breakfast Challenge. LIKE/FAVORITE this video!!! Epic Chef Episode 1: It's The Breakfast Challenge. Do these goofballs have what it takes to be an Epic Chef? Executive Producers: Harley Morenstein Darren Morenstein Dan Weinste...More

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