Valar Morghulis — First & Final Shots of Game of Thrones Characters

THUMBNAIL ART by A Beautiful Death ( GAME OF THRONES is my favorite series currently on the air. Its sprawling, merciless universe is peppered with characters upon characters, many of whom we have said goodbye to by this point in the show. I began to notice how while some chara...More

Charles Barkley Talks Race, Ferguson, & Sad Cast of Characters Like Sharpton

Charles Barkley hits the nail on the head regarding the Ferguson Incident. Charles Barkley (CNN) On Ferguson Eric Garner. Notion Of White Cops Killing Black People Is Ridiculous. Charles Barkley got some flak for comments he made defending the police and Officer Darren Wilson in the wake of violence...More

Help Geena Davis End the Job Crisis (For Female Animated Characters)

Meet Jane. Why does she look so sad? She's a quirky, lovable, superbly talented cartoon girl who wants nothing more than a role to play in the world of animation. Well, technically she'd love a sizable part in a big franchise with some union benefits. But at this point, she'd be happy to be in a...More

Steve Carell Improvises Some New Characters - CONAN on TBS

Steve Carell Improvises Some New Characters - CONAN. Conan challenges Steve to a game of rapidfire character improv.

Cool, Calm, Neurotic: The Characters of David O. Russell

A character in a David O. Russell film cannot be easily described in a few words. Russell's characters tend to possess a variety of contradicting qualities that spin and twist throughout the duration of the film. It started in 1994 with the quirky, baby-faced pre-med student who just so happens to h...More

Dublin - City of Characters

Dublin - A city full of characters. Music video about Dublin´s (Ireland) characters. My camera and I spend 3 days walking around, chasing people and situations around the city. With a cheap tripod as a stabilizer I try to catch the true authentic feel of the "eccentrics and cool" Dubliners. I decid...More

101 Fictional Characters as Sloths

I went a bit crazy and painted 101 fictional characters as sloths. Enjoy!. Comment, like, & subscribe for a chance to win! Subscribe: Music: Pixel Peeker Polka by Kevin MacLeod (

TV Characters In Halloween Costumes

The 50 best Halloween costumes to ever grace the small screen.

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