Robot chef, stirs, pours, and changes cooking temperature

This dexterous robotic chef is able to mimic human cooking techniques to stir, pour, mix and more. The robot has taken two years to develop and the creators, the Shadow Robot Company, hope to be able to launch a commercial version by 2017.

#imEnough - All-female band, The Mrs., changes the way women look in the mirror.

We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn't like the answer, so we decided to help change it. "ENOUGH" looking in the mirror with such a critical eye. "ENOUGH" of that negative voice we hea...More

Contagion: How a Virus Changes the World

"Contagion," the new film from Warner Bros. and Participant Media, explores the consequences of an infectious virus creating havoc in the human population. But, how do viruses affect humans, and what causes worldwide pandemics? If you'd like to get the answers and learn more about how to stay prepa...More

A Briefer History of Time: How technology changes us in unexpected ways

From smartphones to smartwatches, clocks are everywhere these days. But have you ever wondered what life was like before we could measure time? Video essayist Adam Westbrook delves into the story of the clock, and discovers that when we learned to mechanize time, we accidentally mechanized somethin...More

nothing changes | Being 50: Saga video competition winner

This video is submitted as part of the Being 50 video competition sponsored by Saga. Transcript: Mary Dixon became a pilot at the age of 50. Francis Chichester sailed around the world when he was 52. He did this alone. Henry Jay Heimlich developed his emergency maneuver at the age of 54. At...More

Youtube's Copyright Changes to Game play Footage

Youtube is fucking up once again. Today is known as "copyrightalypse" or some other stupid names. Youtube has changed its policies when it comes to copyrights and gameplay footage. its affecting lives. Let's talk about that.

Pagurus Prideaux Hermit Crab changes shell. Slow motion at the end.

Macro video of my hermit crab changing his shell! I'd never seen this before and grabbed my camera just in time.. Filmed in my native UK marine tank. Been hoping to catch him doing this since we first found him! Subscribe to me if you'd like to see more videos like this :)

Water Changes Everything.

Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It's a crisis because it only starts with water -- but water affects everything in life. Health. Education. Food security. And the lives of women and children, especially. We can end the water crisis in o...More

Eytan and The Embassy - Everything Changes

18 costume changes...4 minutes...1 many of these celebrities can you name?. 18 Costume Changes -- 1 World Record -- 0 Edits! SHARE THIS VIDEO FOR FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: We set the world record for most costume changes in an unedited music video! Try to break our...More

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