CTFU: 50 Cent Challenges Floyd Mayweather Jr To Read A Harry Potter Book Or The Cat In The Hat

In light of Mayweather's recent victory, let's all remember the time that he lost to 50 Cent…. After a Floyd Mayweather Jr. interview surfaced where he appeared to throw shade at 50 Cent, Nelly and T.I., the G-Unit boss fired back via a series of videos and captions. "I just woke up, Floyd you kn...More

We learn from challenges. Marco Belinelli and Comau Racer robot

Basketball player Marco Belinelli teaches Comau Racer robot how to shoot hoops. Discover more at http://racer.comau.com/

Polish Prince Challenges Nigel Farage to a Duel 01 04 15 - English version

Polish Prince challenges Nigel Farage (UKIP Leader) to sword duel. KSIĄŻĘ JAN ŻYLIŃSKI WZYWA NIGEL’A FARAGE NA POJEDYNEK Please also look at "7 reasons why the British should love the Poles" https://youtu.be/VxA1J-uf7-4 Contact: info@whitehouselondon.com or zlotyulan@gmail.com English versi...More

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

Set aside your ADD. For all the love given to science and NASA, Reddit sure hasn't given much love to their video.. Team members at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory share the challenges of the Curiosity Mars rover's final minutes to landing on the surface of Mars.

11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!

Gaston gets owned by little girl in arm wrestling challenge. My little sister decided to challenge Gaston to an arm wrestling contest, but none of us knew she had this tactic up her sleeve!

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