The Art of the Car Chase

The car chase montage (or supercut, if you will) is not exactly an original concept, but looking for an editing challenge, this one came up. Editing a car chase is no doubt hard and difficult work. Editing 50 of them together does make it easier depending on how strict your standards of continui...More

Relax, Let's Go Through A Car Wash

A meditative video experiment in an unlikely location. Sit back, relax, and just let it wash over you. (Today is a great day to watch this) New video every Monday! Created by Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell jo...More

Cousin Sal Gives Away A Car for April Fool’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Away A Car for April Fool’s Day. As part of Chevy’s Best Day Ever campaign, Cousin Sal gave a new car to a very worthy recipient. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: Watc...More

Dubstep in the car

I kept seeing these Personal Injury Attorney commercials & felt compelled to add Skrillex.. Video: Siegfried & Jensen Insurance Attorney Music: Skrillex

Car wash incident (clear footage)

Owner of Angels Car Wash beating his employees (Orange County).

Stop Motion Car Wrapping

Stop motion car wrapping.. Video credit goes to They wrapped this Volkswagen with ORACAL 970RA and filmed it in stop motion style. #wrapitwithORAFOL #ORAFOLstyle Song is G-Newman Robot Symphonie

Price Is Right Model Screws Up Game Gives Away Car

Price Is Right model gives away a car by mistake.. I do not own the rights to this footage and do not profit from this footage.

Car accident: hit-and-run at the 11foot8 bridge

Hit-And-Run Driver Caught On Camera At Infamous 11 Foot 8 Bridge. Yesterday at around 6:40 a car on Peabody street hit a car travelling down Gregson St. It looks like they ran the stop sign on Peabody, slammed into the car on Gregson and then just took off. If you recognize the car, please report it...More

Every Car Crash From The Fast And The Furious Franchise - Supercut

All 110 of them, Edited by Alex Moschina for

Neutral Service Car Causses A Horrific Crash - Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2015 HD

This just happened.. Site: Facebook: Twitter: Watch more Cycling here: Join our forums: ----------------- More races? WATCH THEM HERE! Vu...More

Owl Enjoying the Music in Car Dude, Man Catch a Random Owl & Take him for a Ride

Owl Enjoying the Music in Car Dude, Man Catch a Random Owl & Take him for a Ride. Owl Enjoying the Music in Car Dude, Man Catch a Random Owl & Take him for a Ride

Lion opens car door

Lion opens the car door on people during their safari. Did you know lions could open car doors? My sister Kaylene & Cindy visiting our parents, who are serving a mission in South Africa, had an experience of a lifetime.

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