Final TWEETS of a young woman (AMANDA) with BRAIN CANCER

Time lapse of terminal cancer patient's tweets. The final months of Twitter posts from a young Canadian woman with terminal brain cancer have been compiled into a touching video that went viral on Thursday.Amanda tweeted for the final time on April 10, 2013: "Tomorrow, I go back into the hospital fo...More

Breast Cancer Action

There is nothing comforting, secure, soft or reassuring about breast cancer. The reality is doctor's visits, radiation appointments, chemo infusions and their aftermath. And there's always the concern about toxins in our everyday products, and the uncertainty of recurrence. Breast Cancer Action is...More

How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? - George Zaidan

View full lesson: How do cancer cells grow? How does chemotherapy fight cancer (and cause negative side effects)? The answers lie in cell division. George Zaidan explains how rapid cell division is canc...More

Cancer charities ripping off donors

Main stream media finally criticizing Cancer "charities" that do little to actually fund cancer research. CNN's Drew Griffin investigates cancer charities that abuse and squander donations.

Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer Full Episode (HBO)

Subscribe to the HBO YouTube: Vice Season 3 premieres Friday, March 6 at 11PM, only on HBO. From now until April 28, Shane Smith will match every gift to cancer research at Mayo Clinic – up to $500,000. Donate here: Connect with VICE On...More

Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment

Still's 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer in June.

The answer is plain - Campaign for plain cigarette packaging | Cancer Research UK

The answer is plain. Support the campaign to protect children from tobacco marketing: We need your help to end the #packetracket -- please take two minutes to join our campaign at to protect children from tobacco marketing....More

Superformula to Fight Cancer

Chemotherapy for children diguised as superhero treatment. Versão em portugues: JWT Brazil introduces: "Superformula" to fight cancer. The first step in the fight against cancer is believing in the cure. But the chemotherapy treatment is difficult, espe...More

The Amazing SpiderDad - 5yr Old Son Battling Cancer Gets Surprise

Dad dresses up as Spiderman and jumps off roof to surprise his 5 year old son with a Grade 4 brain tumor and 1 year to live, on his birthday. - [1:28]. I had a replica Spider-Man suit made so i could surprise my son on his 5th Birthday. Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem T...More

Dogs Can Smell Cancer - Secret Life of Dogs - BBC

From BBC: the secret life of dogs. Woman thought her dog was dying because it became very sad, but it wasn't the dog that was sick, it was her.. Dogs watch us all the time and read our body language like a sixth sense. They also smell our bodies for changes. Max smelt cancer in Maureen before any me...More

Close the Door to Cancer

Over 14 million people will be infected with HPV this year. HPV can cause cancers that affect both men and women. Prevent HPV -related cancers by vaccinating your boys and girls ages 11 -- 12. Talk to your child's doctor about how you can close the door to cancer today. For more information about a...More

Rethink Breast Cancer - Your Man Reminder - john st.

This Is What Happens When Advertising Is Done For Women, By Women. A brilliantly funny approach to a serious issue -- Rethink Breast Cancer uses hot guys to remind women to check their breasts. The campaign encourages women to download the mobile app and choose their favorite man, receiving a pleas...More

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