The Coen Brothers: Green

Kubrick? Red. Scorsese? Red. Refn? Red. You may not have noticed, but the Coen Brothers use the color green a lot. This pattern most likely goes unnoticed because, unlike an in-your-face color, such as red, green is much more subdued and doesn't alarm our eyes. Green is natur...More

Punch Brothers cover The Cars

Punch Brothers, a bluegrass band, cover 1978 hit "Just What I Needed" by The Cars on A.V. Club. One of the best band covers I've seen in a long, long time.. For their jaunt in the little round room, Punch Brothers decided to tackle The Cars' 1978 hit "Just What I Needed." Watch more covers...More

Amazing Freedive with The Ocean Brothers

A new vision of the sensations and emotions in the oceans. 4' video WINNER in World ShootOut 2014 Video clip category underwater grand prix. Just camera tricks. No special effects by computer.

Band Of Brothers - All The Interviews With The Soilders Of Easy Company

The best parts of Band of Brothers. Interviews with the soldiers of Easy Company.. All the interviews with the soldiers from the amazing tv series Band Of Brothers. I've never had any direct experience of war and i found these interviews really compelling and deeply moving.

The Coen Brothers: POV Shots

With a filmography that covers everything from westerns and gangster flicks to comedies and film noir, it can be rather difficult to pinpoint what exactly contributes to the style of Joel and Ethan Coen. While there are reoccurring themes and ideas that surface throughout the filmmakers' work, a co...More

Video Of Tsarnaev Brothers Around Boylston Street On Day Of Boston Marathon Bombing

Video of 2nd Boston Marathon Bombing From Trial Today. (Editor’s Note: The video below captures a bomb blast on surveillance camera. Please be advised.) This video, a compilation of security footage from area businesses, was shown to the jury in the Boston Marathon bombing case on Monday.

Fantasy Football Fantasy - A Manning Brothers Music Video - Peyton Manning & Eli Manning are back with another summer jam! Following summer 2013's wildly popular “Football on Your Phone #FYOP,” the two NFL QBs rap their way through a FANTASY FOOTBALL DREAM WORLD inspired by DIRECTV’s new, exclusive Fantasy Zone Chann...More

Eskimo Brothers

My roommate caught his girlfriend cheating on him with this guy. They're now great "buddies".. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers

A short look at the Timmy Brothers, Brooklyn–based makers of bespoke drinking water. Bill and Terry Timmy are introducing handcrafted water to the world with an almost pathological attention to craftsmanship and a thirst for helping people become less thirsty. The Timmy Brothers. They make wa...More

Sons & Brothers Presents: “The Future is in Color” by Lemon Andersen

Sons and Brothers, a program of the California Endowment, is proud to present “The Future is in Color” written and performed by Lemon Andersen and directed by Paola Mendoza. This piece was inspired by the incredible people and events that took place in 2014 that have brought us to this catalyzin...More

Band of Brothers - Ronald speirs

Band of Brothers - Captain Ronald Speirs. Ronald is a Tough man in field.

The Smash Brothers: Episode 1 - Show Me Your Moves

Smash Brothers: A Documentary about an unexpected glitch which created a hardcore community - still alive 12 years later.. ***REMASTERED VERSION DROPS OCTOBER 26TH*** KOPIMI - FREE TO COPY / FREE TO SHARE Episode 1 of 9 The world of competitive Melee is introduced through a sting operation. For se...More

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