British Army Close Quarters Marksmanship Training

British Army Close Quarters Marksmanship Training. Close quarter marksmanship is a key skill of the fighting soldier. Though it may seem easy as the distance is shorter, there are a range of other factors that must be considered for success in any engagement. Here Staff Sergeant Ian Arnott from the ...More

British Airways First Class - Filth Class

British Airways First Class - Filth Class. This is what first class in BA is really like. London to Saint Lucia on 17th January 2015. We saved for a trip of a lifetime and this is what we got.

British Plugs Are the Best

If you want an excellent barometer of how technologically advanced a society is, look no further than their electrical appliance plugs. Tom Scott tells you why the British electrical plug is tops.

British NBA Finals Commentary

The British invade the NBA Finals and bring their terribly funny commentary along with them.

Thieves Carry Out One Of The Biggest Jewel Heists In British History!

Thieves Carry Out One Of The Biggest Jewel Heists In British History!. London police released footage of three people who robbed dozens of safety deposit boxes over Easter weekend.

British People 'Appalled' By U.S. Health Care

British People 'Appalled' By U.S. Health Care. Scottish-born David Gray, a creative director based in Brooklyn, was “doubled-up coughing in the snow” when he fell out of love with the US healthcare system... Read More At:

Making History at the British GP

Susie Wolff made history at the 2014 British Gran Prix as the first woman in 22 years to participate in a Formula One weekend, driving for Williams Martini Racing in the FP1 (free practice) session.

British Hockey Commentary

Hockey must not be as popular as soccer in England.

British grenadiers

What ex Top Gear presenter James May has been up to lately. Performed by James May, unemployed.

Japanese thoughts on British Culture

Japanese thoughts on British Culture. In preparation for my Japanese friends first trip to the UK, we sat down to discuss British culture, covering everything from Harry Potter to Chavs, Restaurant etiquette to the Queen - complete with "combat training". FACEBOOK:

Americans Try British McDonald's

Double sausage McMuffins and barbecue sauce and mayonnaise on a burger - there's a new best reason to visit the United Kingdom.

Richard Ayoade wins a Bafta - The British Academy Television Awards 2014 - BBC One

Richard Ayoade wins a BAFTA.. Programme website: Richard Ayoade wins Male performance in a comedy programme Bafta for 'The IT Crowd' (Channel 4).

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