BRINGING IT HOME a new documentary about industrial hemp

Hemp is a misunderstood plant with compelling benefits for healthy homes, food, farmers, job creation and our environment. Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and grown in thirty other nations but currently U.S. farmers are prohibited from this economic opportunity. In the new documentary BRINGING I...More

Bringing Light | Bert Klasey, Chris Baron & James Allen Smith

BRINGING LIGHT is a Finalist in the $200,000 GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition, and has also been recognized as an Audience Favorite. Watch more finalists at In the painstaking process of removing brain tumors, neurosurgeons are constantly challenged b...More

Top 6 Ways Corporations Are Bringing The Battlefield Home...And Making A Killing Sign petition. Stop The $plurge.

Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India & Pakistan Together

Coca Cola vending machines bringing India and Pakistan together. In March 2013, Coca-Cola set out to break down barriers and create a simple moment of connection between two nations -- India and Pakistan. The initiative "Small World M...More

Arsenio Hall Speaks On Kanye West Bringing Up His Name In Rant (Full Video)

Arsenio Hall Speaks On Kanye West Bringing Up His Name In Rant (Full Video). Kanye West used Arsenio Hall as a negative example of what can happen to you if you speak out too much during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club. HipHollywood asked Arsenio about Kanye using his name and this is wha...More

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