CTFU: 50 Cent Challenges Floyd Mayweather Jr To Read A Harry Potter Book Or The Cat In The Hat

In light of Mayweather's recent victory, let's all remember the time that he lost to 50 Cent…. After a Floyd Mayweather Jr. interview surfaced where he appeared to throw shade at 50 Cent, Nelly and T.I., the G-Unit boss fired back via a series of videos and captions. "I just woke up, Floyd you kn...More

The Book of Life - Attenborough 60 Years in the wild - BBC

A book collection nobody will ever read. Sir David Attenborough takes a look inside the book of human life. The complete volumes of Human DNA. Sir David Attenborough gives his unique perspective on over half a century of innovation in wildlife filmmaking - developments that have brought ever more b...More

The Last Book Burning

https://www.outernet.is creating a world where anyone anywhere can read, watch, hear, or learn anything they want. For free. We are ushering in an age where information is a natural resource. When every human can add their ideas and creativity to the marketplace of innovation, what will we create to...More

Bill Gates's Favorite Business Book

Warren Buffett and I discuss our favorite business book of all time. Bill Gates shares his thoughts on John Brooks, author of his favorite business book Business Adventures, a collection of twelve stories that originally appeared in The New Yorker. Others appearing in the video include: Warren Bu...More

THE BOOK NEXT DOOR: New J-Lo Movie Has No Idea How Old "The Iliad" Is - And It's Hilarious

THE BOOK NEXT DOOR: New J-Lo Movie Has No Idea How Old "The Iliad" Is - And It's Hilarious. THE BOOK NEXT DOOR: New J-Lo Movie Has No Idea How Old "The Iliad" Is - And It's Hilarious Subscribe to WTFark Here - http://bit.ly/1rKoF82 But seriously, how did no one, at any point during the p...More

The Art of Making a Book

The Art of Making a Book previous Source https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153067485459245&set=vb.96738939244&type=2&theater Music "Softly, As i leave you" by Roger Williams

Comic Book Heaven

Comic Book Heaven is a short documentary that tells the story of Joe Leisner, owner of the comic book store Comic Book Heaven located in Sunnyside, Queens NY. www.CBHmovie.com TRT: 12:00 Director: E.J. McLeavey-Fisher Editor: Ethan Simmons Producers: Tom Maiorino, E.J. McLeavey-Fish...More

The Book Of Mormon Comes To South Park (To the tune of 'Hello')

The Book Of Mormon Comes To South Park (To the tune of 'Hello'). Have you ever wondered what would happen if The Book of Mormon found its way to South Park? No? Well, I had. So I decided to animate it to see how it'd turn out! The animation I've made is in absolutely no way affiliated with either S...More

This book cover won't open for judgmental readers

This book cover won't open for judgmental readers. In this movie, Amsterdam creative studio Moore has reversed the well-known idiom of judging a book by its cover – designing a sleeve that scans your face and won't open unless approached without prejudice.

The Disappearing Pig, from "The Better Bacon Book"

Master butcher makes a pig disappear and shows you where bacon comes from!. http://www.betterbook.com/bacon Watch expert butcher Tom Mylan dissect a pig to find the choice cuts. Available on the iTunes App Store: http://bit.ly/better-bacon-book

You Are Not So Smart - Book Trailer - Procrastination

http://youarenotsosmart.com | http://plus3video.com Trailer for the new book, You Are Not So Smart: Why you have too many friends on Facebook, why your memory is mostly fiction and 46 other ways you are deluding yourself. (http://youarenotsosmart.com/the-book/), by David McRaney. Visit the websit...More

The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Official Trailer

Legend of Korra Book 3 Trailer. http://at.nick.com/1nxnKHh The Legend of Korra returns with Book Three: Change. The epic new season is filled with new characters, adventures and more!

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