The hybrid electronic bike of the future

The hybrid electronic bike of the future. The Copenhagen Wheel, funded by Tumblr founder David Karp, is a smartphone controlled motor for your bike. Laurie Segall reports.

Imperial Speeder Bike First Flights

Imperial speeder bike FPV quad, made out of an old POTF 12 in figure Speeder Bike toy.

Bike riding Kid hit by car - Caught on Dash Cam

Poor kid learns the hard way not to turn into corners blindly. - A Child riding a bike in a Caravan park flies around a blind corner into the bonnet of a vehicle with a dash camera. Courtesy Ash

Motorbike Yoga: Man Pulls Yoga Poses On Speeding Bike

Motorbike Yoga: Man Pulls Yoga Poses On Speeding Bike  SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out! EXPERTLY balanced on a speeding motorbike, Gugulotu Lachiram is the world's finest exponent of Extreme Yoga...More

(OFFICIAL) Eric Barone - 223,30 km/h - World mountain bike speed record - Vars Speed Challenge 2015

Eric Barone (a.k.a. The Red Baron) beat his own world speed record with a mountain bike on snow in Vars (French alps) on the Chabrieres speed track (KL). After 3 years of a challenging project, Eric Barone, 54, surrounded by his team, reached 223,3 km/h (138,752 mph) despite difficult weather condit...More

Guy tests a new bike and forgets how to brake

This video scared me.. Guy tests a new bike and forgets how to brake

GoPro: Lexus The Dirt Bike Dog

Join Lexus the Dirt Bike Dog and James Stott for an epic ride across the dunes of Little Sahara, Utah. Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪ Get stoked and subscribe: Music Acid Baby Jesus "Finger Painting"

Bike VS Police CHASE Motorcycle RUNNING From COPS Escapes COP CHASES Street Bike Stunts Out Runs

This POV motorcycle chase had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.. Motorcycle running from the police is about to be caught. The rider makes epic escape from cops. Street bike stunt rider rides a wheelie right passed brand new police charger patrol car. Police chase engages when rider ignore...More

Daryl's New Bike: The Walking Dead

See how Norman Reedus enlisted the help of his old friends at Classified Moto to build Daryl a new bike. For more The Walking Dead videos: AMC : AMC on Facebook : AMC on Twitter : Sign Up for the AMC ...More

Mega-Cavern Bike Park

An old limestone mine in Kentucky was converted into the world's largest underground bike park. just a small session in the bat cave. edited by yours truly, Tommy2x4

Bike Theft in Squamish

Bike Theft in Squamish. Please help us catch these thieves. If you have any information please contact Constable Waraich at 604-892-6100 ext 5010.

Dgold bike swing

My buddy whos a BMX rider built a bike swing. Pulls a few tricks on it..

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