Secrets From The Recycling Plant: How A Used Bottle Becomes A New Bottle

We go inside a recycling plant and a bottle factory to see the technology that turns used glass into new bottles. For more, see the story with animated GIFs on our blog:

How a bill really becomes a law: What Schoolhouse Rock missed

As Congressional gridlock and dysfunction worsen, Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just a Bill" seems to be missing a few key steps. So we made a sort of sequel adding them back in, above, modeled off the steps of an actual bill -- the DATA Act -- that made it through the gauntlet of Capitol Hill alive. See...More

When Insanity Becomes Normal - Venezuela

When Insanity Becomes Normal - Venezuela. At this point it isn't clear what any of us outside of Venezuela can do to help those inside the country - and this has been hard for me to stomach. Perhaps one of the best things I can do is to provide emotional support.

Morgan Spurlock becomes a fruit picker

Morgan Spurlock spends a day picking fruit and learns how back-breaking the work is.

Hum a tune and it becomes an instrument - NAMM2015

TIL there's a software that lets you hum a tune and turns it into an instrument. Imitone is new software, introduced at NAMM 2015, which turns vocal hums into computer generated instruments. The $25 program for Mac and Windows is previewed at NAMM.

Men's Health // How a Bean Becomes a Fart

Well, we've always wondered how this happens. And now we know, thanks to Men's Health Magazine asking us to bring Rami's amazing infographic to life. Open a can of beans and follow along. Client: Men's Health Magazine Creative Director: Thomas O'Quinn Illustrator: Rami Niemi Directed by G...More

Forrest Becomes a Racist - Review - Comedy Central

Review of becoming a racist.. Forrest learns how to hate black people in order to become a racist. Review premieres Thursday March 6 at 10/9c, and see more Review here:

How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming

SUBSCRIBE to Chescaleigh! Trigger warning: I talk about my experience with date rape in this video. [ video links & other info included after the jump] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Rape Crisis Center http://w...More

Utah Road Trip becomes IT´S ROADTRIP. iPad air 2 keynote 17th october 2014

The look on this guy's face when Auto Correct screws his presentation. From the new ipad keynote.. IT´S ROADTRIP. Keynote presentation. 17th october 2014

When love becomes an instinct

Man with Alzheimer's remembers to buy his wife flowers. Remembering 60 years back is hard for anyone, but for Melvyn Amrine it's especially challenging. Melvyn was diagnosed with Alzheimer's three years ago. For his wife, Doris, it's been hard to watch. But she says something happened recently to re...More

School bus becomes off-grid, transformable, tiny home

School bus becomes off-grid, transformable, tiny home Rent-free: living on $100/month - After buying a used school bus for $3000, Richard and Rachel drafted autoCAD plans and began to design every detail of their new home.. As a teenager, Richard dreamed of making a home out of a vehicle. Over a dec...More

History is Made -- Nick Newell Becomes XFC Champ on AXS TV

One armed fighter wins XFC lightweight championship.. Re-watch history as Nick Newell defeats Eric Reynolds to become the XFC Lightweight Champion on AXS TV. Share your thoughts with us @AXSTV @AXSTVFIGHTS @InsideMMAaxstv Watch Inside MMA Monday for a full recap of the fight

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