Man in Jail for 35 Years because Woman lied about Rape, now finally free

Man in Jail for 35 Years because Woman lied about Rape, now finally free. In the meantime his mother commits suicide

Afroman - "Because I Got High" Positive Remix

Watch the positive new take on the classic track "Because I Got High" by Afroman in collaboration with Weedmaps and NORML. Keep an eye out for other ways that weed promotes positivity. #getelevated Afroman on Facebook: Afroman on Twitter:

The Bee Cause - because we need bees

Friends of the Earth's Bee Cause is happening because we need bees. Everyone knows bees are great at pollinating plants for free; it would cost us £1.8 billion to do what they do every year for UK crops alone. But what if they found themselves out of work? Friends of the Earth sent four bees out to...More

Nawal El Saadawi: 'The revolution will win, because of the millions that are united'

Egyptian feminist writer and activist Nawal El Saadawi on her country's long-awaited revolution and why Egypt still has a long way to go

911 tape: Woman raped because there are no police available

Abusive ex breaking into home, woman calls 911, police tell her to ask him to go away. She was raped and beaten. Police never showed up.. August 18th 2012, Josephine County Oregon. A woman calls 911 because her ex boyfriend is outside her home trying to break in. He had recently beaten her and put h...More

Why boycotting the NFL because of Ray Rice is not the answer

Katie explains why she won't boycott the NFL and the game she loves: Fear crept in. I started thinking, well, the commissioner is here as a guest of Fox, and if offend him in some way, I'm definitely going to hear about it from my bosses. And it's really not my role. I make sort of funny videos for...More

Because of Them We Can - Muhammad Ali

Educating and Connecting a New Generation to Heroes Who Have Paved the Way. Because of Them, We Can. More at

Children who have suffered because their parents chose prayer over medicine

It's shocking how many children die because their parents choose prayer over medicine. This video highlights the unfortunate children who had to suffer and die because of religion. Their parents believe that going to the doctor and using medicine is showing weakness. They believe that prayer and fai...More

Drunk Girl tries to accuse Boyfriend, but fails because CAM -- mgtow

Drunk Girl tries to accuse Boyfriend (x-post /r/justiceporn).

UEFA Because football doesn't matter. Money does.

Legia Warsaw brilliant display against UEFA. Oprawa przygotowana na Żylecie podczas meczu Legia Warszawa - FK Aktobe. * * * Ultra show presented by Legia Warsaw Fans on Europa League match Legia vs FC Aktobe. Clear message: UEFA = PIG 6 more than 1... Because football doesn'...More

Pro Infirmis «Because who is perfect?»

People With Disabilities React to Mannequins Created in Their Image. Disabled mannequins will be eliciting astonished looks from passers-by on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse today. Between the perfect mannequins, there will be figures with scoliosis or brittle bone disease modelling the latest fashions. On...More

Stop the game because of racist chants against Boateng 03-01-2013

Incredible video: Milan players follow Kevin-Prince Boateng off the pitch after he's racially abused during friendly. Pro Patria vs AC Milan Friendly Match 03-01-2013

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