Jeb the Attention Seeking Lamb

Cute lamb demands petting while dog gets jealous in the background. A friendly lamb on my girlfriends farm demands to be patted

BEST STORY EVER: Steve-O Gets Medical Attention From Mike Tyson And A Kung-Fu Instructor

Steve-O's Best Story Ever from Strombo. Steve-O has done a lot of crazy things in his life. What do you think his Best Story Ever is about? Well, we'll say this: Charlie Sheen, bibi gun nipple piercing, Mike Tyson, Bam Margera and a boxing glove, a kung-fu instructor, an...More

Patriotic Russian Cat Stands To Attention For National Anthem

Patriotic Russian Cat Stands To Attention For National Anthem. This cat has become a star in Russia -- by impersonating a Russian soldier and standing to attention every time the national anthem is played. The cat's owner Oleg Bouboulin, 34, said: "I can only assume she's been watching the parades ...More

ATTENTION: An error was made in editing and 6 minutes are missing. I am fixing this as we speak.

Complete mormon temple ceremony. This is the entire Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony (with movie) that is in every temple in the world except the Manti, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah temples. (They have temple workers act out the endowment ceremony instead of showing a movie in those two temples.) ...More

Weird Al's incredible attention to detail

Weird Al's best music videos juxtaposed with their originals — this man and his team are extremely talented. Weird Al has just released eight new music videos off his latest album, "Mandatory Fun." In honor of the musician's 30-plus year career, here are eight of his best parodies compared with th...More

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