AMAZING! Artist Seb Lester freehand famous logos

Absolutely amazing free hand logos done by artist Seb Lester

12 Year Old Tattoo Artist In Thailand

A tattooed 12 year old tattoo a customer a tattoo in Thailand. A 12 year old tattoo artist in Thailand with tattoos...tattooing a customer.

Adrian Van Oyen, Scam Artist. LewReview Ep 2

Guy reviews a youtuber's horrible ebook named "The key to confidence". This kind of behavior towards your own fans is disgusting. LIKE ME: FOLLOW ME: TWEET ME: Download this horrible book: https:/...More

Photographer and Video Artist Carrie Mae Weems, 2013 MacArthur Fellow | MacArthur Foundation

Photographer and Video Artist Carrie Mae Weems was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2013. The Fellowship is a $625,000, no-strings-attached grant for individuals who have shown exceptional creativity in their work and the promise to do more. Learn more at

Robot artist draws giant sketch on the beach

Full story: Using your phone or tablet, send a drawing to this little bot and watch it trace the lines in the sand by dragging a rake behind it

Nathan For You: Caricature Artist - Uncensored

Nathan For You helps a caricature artist (and actually improves his business). After years of struggling, caricature artist Greg Dohlen turns to Nathan to help him re-brand his image. Full episodes of Nathan For You's first season are available online. Watch now:

Courtroom Sketch Artist

The New York Times profiles Gary Myrick, a courtroom sketch artist in Texas.

Poetry || Spoken Word Video ||The "R" Word - Breakin' Labels || Artist Robb Scott

Spoken word poetry written and performed by Robb Scott. This poem was written for my son, who has down syndrome, and how the word 'Retard' might affect him. For business inquiries contact: Website: Breakin" Labels - by Robb Scott Retard! It's a word...More

Pickup artist Julien Blanc faces backlash for video of him pushing girls down on his junk in Japan

Pickup artist Julien Blanc faces backlash for video of him pushing girls down on his junk in Japan. Julien Blanc, is the latest in a long line of self-titled ‘pickup artists’ to try and invade Asia. He's apart of a company called Real Social Dynamics which is supposedly a “leader in dating ad...More

OZ, Legendary Graffiti Artist, Killed While Tagging

Walter Josef Fischer—known here in Hamburg, Germany, as OZ—was a fucking legend, even if most people could never pick him out of a crowd. Aged and slow with a worn, creased face and a hunch, he walked unseen with me through Hamburg as he painted walls and swore at trains. And yet, with his spray...More

New York City Street Artist

Creepy Subway Busker in NYC. This guy truly made me go WTF.

Amazing Artist in NY Share & Like!

This guy does in 6 minutes what I couldn't do in a month. look for more

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