University Challenge - Quick Answer

Contestant answers question ridiculously fast.. University Challenge S44E28 Magdalen - Oxford VS Trinity - Cambridge

Rape culture panic is not the answer

Rape culture panic is not the answer. Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem—but, "rape culture" is not the answer. The Factual Feminist compares this panic to another nationwide hysteria based on faulty statistics, and how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

cute monkey sharing his food and he will not take no for an answer

Cute monkey sharing his food and he will not take no for an answer. volunteering in La senda verde, Bolivia

Are you smarter than a fifth grader DUMBEST ANSWER YET


Why boycotting the NFL because of Ray Rice is not the answer

Katie explains why she won't boycott the NFL and the game she loves: Fear crept in. I started thinking, well, the commissioner is here as a guest of Fox, and if offend him in some way, I'm definitely going to hear about it from my bosses. And it's really not my role. I make sort of funny videos for...More

The answer is plain - Campaign for plain cigarette packaging | Cancer Research UK

The answer is plain. Support the campaign to protect children from tobacco marketing: We need your help to end the #packetracket -- please take two minutes to join our campaign at to protect children from tobacco marketing....More

Joanlia Lising - Question and Answer Portion

Went to a Beauty Pageant over the weekend. This answer did not disappoint!. Here's Joanlia Lising's answer at the Miss Philippines USA 2013 Beauty Pageant during the Question and Answer Portion held in La Mirada, California. Hosts Tony Cabrera and Cher Calvin. She was Candidate #13. Sponsored by Lou...More

Slinky Drop Answer

Want more awesome HD slow-mo? Slinky not long enough? Click here: How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released? We discover the surprising answer using a slow motion camera that records ...More

The Reason Africans Don't Answer Phone Calls!

Why Africans Don't Answer Phone Calls!. This is the reason why my phone is always on silent or vibrate. Song: Meiway - 200% Zoblazo - my favorite African song of all time!!!!

Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions

Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions. See Harrison Ford in 42! Go to Jimmy Kimmel Live - Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subsc...More

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