Anita Sarkeesian in a nutshell

Anita Sarkeesian in a nutshell....

Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency - XOXO Festival (2014)

Two years ago, Anita Sarkeesian decided to use Feminist Frequency, her video series on the portrayal of women in the media, to document sexist stereotypes and cliches in videogames. That project, Tropes vs. Women in Videogames, ignited a sustained campaign of violent threats and abuse, while raising...More

Feminism Vs FACTS (Anita Sarkeesian DESTROYED!)

Thunderf00t denounces Video Games' effects on people, and feminist Anita Sarkeesian's arguments. The basic word game feminist play to tell you everything is sexist, is they say everything is objects or subjects. They then ignore, that by this method, you can class everyone in society as objects, an...More

Anita ‘The Puppet’ Sarkeesian - #fullmcintosh

Anita Sarkeesian "I'm your puppet" - #fullmcintosh. A “remix video” highlighting some tweets and footage from Feminist Frequency’s Jonathan McIntosh & Anita Sarkeesian. Includes the song 'I'm Your Puppet' by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell which can be purchased here... http://w...More

Twitter: Criticize Anita... you're GONE!

Twitter: Criticize Anita... you're GONE!. According to twitter, it looks like Anita Sarkeesian was directly responsible for me being banned from twitter. Links to videos ARE THERE NO WOMEN IN VIDEO GAMES.... WATCH THIS VIDEO... v. funny! The Factual Fem...More

Stephen Colbert loses his balls to Anita Sarkeesian

Stephen Colbert loses his balls. Amazing how comedy central will be brutal in taking down politicians and celebrities, but when confronted with one professional victim feminist, fold quicker than superman on laundry day! Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert Report

Anita Sarkeesian- BUSTED!

Anita Sarkeesian- BUSTED! [Thunderf00t]. I simply wouldnt have believed that she was this dishonest. The game "Hitman Absolute" has 20 missions. Of which one includes a strip club. Only 2 parts out of 7 in the mission involve dancers. So about 1 % of this game has strippers in. However if you w...More

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