GoPro on a German Shepherd left home alone

What your dog does when you leave your home. I put my GoPro on our German Shepherd and we left to go to dinner. I cut out her running back and forth about 3 or 4 more times from the door to the windows while we were leaving and she was whining, but she always went back to the closet and her dog bed.

The Onion Looks Back At 'Home Alone'

The Onion Looks Back At 'Home Alone'. Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: The Onion's movie critic Peter K. Rosenthal looks back at 'Home Alone' in this week's Film Standard. Like The Onion on Facebook: Follow The Onion on Twitter: http://www.twitter....More

Are You Alone?

Are you alone? To answer this question we have to take a look what "you" are first. What are you made of and where you stand in this universe. Are you your body? Your atoms? And how are your parts connected to the big picture? You can get the MUSIC of the video here:

Bonnie hates to eat alone!

Stray dog gets adopted, refuses to eat alone again :). Our new Sato rescue carries her dish across the kitchen to eat with Clyde. So Cute!

9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Home Alone

AAAAHHH! Time to re-watch a nostalgic favorite in the Christmas Movie genre: Home Alone. You may know every cheek-clutching scream, but do you know these behind-the-scenes facts? Subscribe: While these bits of trivia may help you in defending your home against the Wet Bandits, t...More

First Ascent Episode 1: Alone On The Wall

Alex Honnold Ascending Half-Dome at Yosemite Free Solo - Alone On The Wall. Twenty-three year old Alex Honnold is taking the high-stakes sport of free solo climbing to new heights. Climbing truly massive walls without a rope, and zero chance of survival if he falls, Alex is calm and fearless (except...More

Oculus Rift Horror Game -- Alone in the Rift, Intense Reaction

Bricks were shat! Guy tries a scary game demo using virtual reality goggles (fun starts at 20 secs). More virtual reality news at Alone in the Rift is a short Oculus Rift virtual reality horror game demo. I was showing the friend a Rift for the first time and this was his re...More

Jeremy Clarkson - 'Leave Ois Alone... None Of This Is His Fault'

Jeremy Clarkson: "Leave the man I hit alone. None of this is his fault.". Jeremy Clarkson has said that he wants people to stop blaming the producer he hit for his departure from Top Gear. Oisin Tymon has been the subject of threats on social media. Mr Clarkson told reporters that it was...More

What happens when my wife leave me alone with a baby

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. My wife left me with a baby...

Paul's Home Alone Christmas Card

Guy creates and stars in a Home Alone Christmas card/tribute video that is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.. Merry Christmas 2013


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