Shopping while black, in Alabama.

Racist store owner follows a black guy around his store.. I was followed for 5 minutes before I started recording this video. Watch as the store security follow me around the store for almost 2 minutes, while I make up my mind to purchase Hot Cheetos and Vingear and Salt Chips. Hope he enjoyed his ...More

Auburn vs. Alabama 100 Yard Missed Field Goal Return For Touchdown by Chris Davis

Amazing end to the Alabama v. Auburn game. Auburn beats Alabama on a missed 57 yard field goal attempt returned for a 100 yard TD. Alabama 21, Auburn 28. November 30, 2013.

Extra: "Top Gear" in Alabama

Top Gear on 60 Minutes talking about their trip to Alabama. What happens if you scrawl offensive messages on your cars and drive through Alabama? The cast of "Top Gear" recalls how they aroused the fury of locals and how the situation got very ugly, very fast.

Alabama fan comes in like a wrecking ball at the Sugar Bowl

She came in like a wrecking ball... She came in like a Wrecking Ball!

Auburn defeats #1 Alabama 100 yard field goal return

Auburn beats Alabama (#1) with 1 second left. auburn football beats alabama with one second left 100 yard field goal return.

Alabama Shakes - Always Alright (Live on SNL)

Alabama Shakes - Always Alright (Live on SNL). Music video by Alabama Shakes performing Always Alright live on SNL. (C) 2013 Alabama Shakes LLC under exclusive license to ATO Records, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Auburn vs. Alabama - Fan Reactions To Kick Return 2013 Iron Bowl

Auburn vs. Alabama - Fan Reactions To Kick Return 2013 Iron Bowl. A Collection of fan reactions to the amazing finish of the 2013 Iron Bowl. Forth ranked Auburn shocks top ranked Alabama on a 100 yard FG return with zero seconds on clock.

Auburn defeats Alabama - Chris Davis returns missed field goal 100 yards for game winning touchdown

Auburn 109 Yard Field Goal Return to win Iron Bowl. Auburn defeats Alabama 34-28

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