The Adventures of the Most Patient Man on Television - Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

The Adventures of the Most Patient Man on Television. Originally aired on HBO, 20 April 2015. John Oliver's tribute to Steve Scully.

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Drunk Burnie Returns

I've been hiding from my final project due tomorrow 1:40 minutes at a time. This one is the best waste of 1:40 so far.. Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: Drunk Burnie returns in RTAA #93! This time, Burnie is at a PAX East party and ...More

POV Crane Climb in Southampton, UK with James Kingston - GoPro HD Hero 3 Adventures

Proper use of a GoPro. Guy has balls of Steel.. When asked why he went up there to die, he replied: "I didn't go up there to die. I went up there to live." Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Also on Instagram! http://instag...More

Exploring the Sepulveda Dam in LA | James Kingston: POV Adventures |

A terrifying first person view while exploring the Sepulveda Dam. Check out my t-shirts & posters!! Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Also on Instagram!

Adventures in VO: "A Talk About TED"

Mike Rowe talks about his TED Talk experience. Given all the interest in my 2008 TED Talk, I have recorded the true story of my experience for your edification. There is absolutely no charge to watch; however, if you find yourself overwhelmed with the urge to make a modest donation to the mikeroweWO...More

Chinese Street Food Adventures: Bee Mochi! モチ 麻糬 máshu

Chinese Street Food Vendor not giving a fuck. Not sure why the bees were all around here but it made for quite the show. You can see a few getting rolled into the mashu but none were in the final product. I chose the one with the most bees on it. Lots of sugar, some black sesame, a few chunks of pea...More

Adventures in Voiceover

Mike Rowe demonstrates a voice over trick. When Kristen heard me do this VO trick the other week, her head very nearly exploded (which would have been something to see). I'm not convinced it's anything special, but see what you think.

60 Second Adventures in Economics (combined)

Some food for thought. Free learning from The Open University --- Ever shaken an invisible hand? Been flattened by a falling market? Or wondered what took the bend out of Phillips' curve? David Mitchell helps reveal some of the great d...More

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