This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad, by Dissolve

Created entirely with stock footage from Dissolve, This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad reunites the team behind This Is a Generic Brand Video. As the 2016 presidential election cycle has progressed, dozens of candidates have released their campaign ads. And though there are a few differenc...More

RadioShack Super Bowl Ad 2014 - In With The New

RadioShack declared bankruptcy yesterday. Their old commercial now has a new meaning. RadioShack Super Bowl Commercial 2014 Even if your not into NFL, the Superbowl always produces the best from the Brands advertising during the big match. Being a child of the 80's, I fell in love with this straigh...More

iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Thumb - Commercial

With the iPhone 6 plus recently released, let us never forget this commercial.. Apple iPhone 5 TV Ad/ Commercial.

50 Centuries in 10 Minutes (3400 BC - 2014 AD)

The most oddly mesmerizing video I've seen in a while - 5400 years of human history in 10 minutes.. A geopolitical history of all empires, nations, kingdoms, armies and republics. More than 500 world maps spanning all historical events up to today. View in the high resolution. Thanks to everyone wh...More

Don't Take the High Road - Colorado's Department of Transportation TV Commercial Ad

Colorado's new "Don't take the high road" anti-high driving commercials are pretty awesome. Category: Public interest Geo: United States Colorado's Department of Transportation: Don't Take the High Road, BBQ Production Company: HSI, USA by Hsi advertising agency for brand: Colorado's Depar...More

NO MORE's Official Super Bowl Ad: 60 Second

NO MORE's Super Bowl ad is absolutely chilling.. Watch the official Super Bowl NO MORE ad (the first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault) and pledge to say NO MORE at The 30 second version of NO MORE's Super Bowl ad will air live during the f...More

Tommy Lee Jones Teacher Japanese Coffee Ad

My friend was stationed in Okinawa for a few years and he told me that Tommy Lee Jones had his own coffee brand there. He wasn't lying.... Funny commercial from Japan, I just love his teaching style.

Banned Grey Poupon Ad

The Grey Poupon commercial you've been waiting for since you were six. Check out this failed Grey Poupon ad! What were they thinking? I bet some exec got fired over at Grey Poupon.

The Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

The Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad. Subscribe

New Zealand Drug Driving Ad.. Chinese Store

Adorable Chinese takeaway owners on serving high customers. NZTA Shopkeepers Ad campaign..

M&S Food - TV Ad 2014

See discoveries and twists on seasonal favourites this Autumn: About our food Cook with M&S Eat Well Tiny Taste Buds RECIPES Brunch Quick Meals Starters Main Courses Desserts Vegetarian Healthy

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): GM Ad

In light of General Motors' recall of 11 million vehicles and recently-leaked public relations memo, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made a new, honest ad for their cars. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almos...More

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