Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Accident, Removes Tag, Flees Scene, all Caught on Dashcam

Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.. Driver pulls off shoulder and stops in middle of traffic causing accident. He then pulls over to shoulder in front of me, but only to remove his tag and flee the scene.

High speed accident at Quick Quack Car Wash

Elderly driver confuses pedals, speeds through car wash destroying all equipment inside. **No part of this video was sped up.** Fortunately no one was seriously injured when a customer stepped on the gas instead of the brake and flew through the car wash at high speed. Notice the other customer leav...More

ДТП на портовке А105 Домодедово - жесть, водитель погиб / Awful road accident, driver

Car flies off the road... and a body somehow comes sliding back. ДТП произошло 27 октября в 00:30 ночи. Автодорога А105 от Москвы до аэропорта Домодедово, в сторону Москвы, после проезда моста через ...More

Caneva World - Twin Peaks - Aquapark - Gardasee - Water slide accident

Water Slide Experts. Beisser und Großpunkti gehen geschmeidig in die Luft

Car accident: hit-and-run at the 11foot8 bridge

Hit-And-Run Driver Caught On Camera At Infamous 11 Foot 8 Bridge. Yesterday at around 6:40 a car on Peabody street hit a car travelling down Gregson St. It looks like they ran the stop sign on Peabody, slammed into the car on Gregson and then just took off. If you recognize the car, please report it...More

Star Wars, Tie Figther accident on the highway

A Tie Fighter accident on the highway original video : http://urlz.fr/13uS

100 Orgasms A Day: Freak Accident Leaves Man With Debilitating Disorder

100 Orgasms A Day: Freak Accident Leaves Man With Debilitating Disorder - YouTube. 100 Orgasms A Day: Freak Accident Leaves Man With Debilitating Disorder SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj Watch A...More

Zombie Walk 2014 Hit and Run Accident

New angle of car plowing through zombie walk pedestrians at comic con ( what really happened ). Posting this video so that people can see what really happened. At the 2014 San Diego Zombie Walk, a car drove right through the parade. People approached the car once it was apparent that it wasn't goi...More

Car accident. Videoed myself.

Mutual friend of mine got into a serious car accident. He took a video of him getting cut out of the car by the Jaws of Life.. I got into a car accident. Shortly after the fire crew arrived I was video taping myself getting cut out of the car. Jaws of life right behind my head.

Fireworks accident / explosion in italy [Full HD]

This whole fireworks display just went off at once in italy. Explosion of a whole position of fireworks mortars in italy 2014.

Stupid is as stupid does - road accident

Idiot driver causes accident on purpose, uploads it on the internet..

Car accident, 2014-06-18

Dashcam of me getting hit by a girl running a red light (and my NSFW reaction). Girl runs a red light at Lee Hwy and Gallows Road. I was making a left turn from NB Gallows onto WB Lee. And, bam.

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