эпизод 5 «Арктический океан. Тундра» Фильм рассказывает о жизни российских серферов и о катании в условиях крайнего севера. Только единицы пробовали заниматься се...More

MrBossFTW's GTA 5 PC Key Stolen Live On Stream

Streamer loses GTAV key as he's activating it online.. So yea, he was dumb and let everyone see it and now he can't play xD His stream ended 20 minutes after and now he will be laughed at forever. Poor guy, but a bit dumb. The chat went crazy and watchers number dropped after the incident. 50 minute...More

Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) from GTA 5 Tells me "Go F*** Yourself" NY Comic Con 2013 (Original)

Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) from GTA 5 Tells YouTuber "Go Fuck Yourself" NY Comic Con. Steven Ogg AKA Trevor Phillips from GTA 5 tells me to go f**k myself.

Jackson 5 and Bach were funky way before Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk! - "I Want You Bach" -ThePianoGuys

What if the 1770s collided with the 1970s? - "I Want You Bach" - ThePianoGuys. Download the song here: Tickets for 2015 shows here: Become a TPG Insider! _______________________ Subscribe to our main channel: http...More

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 5: Mexico (Reyna)

For licensing and media inquiries: Produced, Directed, and Edited by Talent Reyna Marquez ( Crew Juel Bergholm - Hair ( Katya Gudaeva - Makeup ( Rhoya Selden - Research Noah Martin...More

Piano for Beginners - How to Learn any Pop Song on the Piano in 5 Minutes

Learn any pop song on the Piano in 5 Minutes (even if you've never touched a piano before). Piano for Beginners - How to Learn any Pop Song on the Piano in 5 Minutes (Even if you've never touched a piano!)

The Walking Dead Season 5 | All Walker and Character Deaths

All deaths for season 5, walkers and humans. Obvious spoilers for season 5 so don't watch unless you're completely up to date!

5 Ways Kanye West Is Like A Pro Wrestler

If you don't like Kanye, know your role and shut your mouth. See more LIKE us on: FOLLOW us on: FOLLOW us on: Subscribe to our new channel: CH2: https://www.youtub...More

GTA 5 PC Animal Apocalypse (Mod) with an Asdf

GTA 5 Animal Apocalypse Mod with an Asdf. They are coming, they are here, they are hungry.. twitch! Twitter: Mod: Script Hook V by Alexander Blade Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https:...More

Besiege #5 - Jet Fighters / Bomber

Robbaz makes a jet fighter in Besiege. We once again take to the sky! Twitter:!/RobbazTube Facebook: Besiege #4 - Jet Airplane Aircraft


A scumbag on Chatroulette. How is this guy even allowed to have kids?. ABUSE ON CHAT ROULETTE! In this Chat Roulette video, a 5 year old kid is being told to swear at me by his father... WOW CHECK ME OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA HERE: ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►...More

New Trailer of Game of Thrones Season 5 - in HD

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer #2. O novo trailer de Games of Thrones Season 5 foi apresentado na última Keynote da Apple, graças a HBO NOW, que agora transmitirá a serie.

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