40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972)

In 1972 Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar) and his colleagues created the world's first 3D rendered movie, an animated version of Ed's left hand. This is the film that they produced. It includes some "making of" footage (around 1:30) and some other early experiments. Read more at http://nerdplusart.com/?...More

Enterprise – Brad & Dave – Network TV Advert (40)

How British people perceive Americans. UK car hire, with US customer service. Go further with Enterprise Rent-A-Car http://magazine.enterprise.co.uk

My 40 mph longboard crash

"I wrecked". I wrecked

Jadeveon Clowney - 40 yard dash - Combine 2014

At 6'5" 266 lbs, NFL Prospect Jadeveon Clowney Just Ran A 4.47 40 Yard Dash. Jadeveon Clowney - 40 yard dash - Combine 2014 Unofficial 4.47s

40 Years to Find My Family | Unreported World Shorts | Channel 4

Two sisters reunited after 40 years apart (wait for it). 40 years ago, sisters Hong and Bo were separated by a brutal war. They've been looking for each other ever since. Watch the moment they meet. WATCH THE FULL FILM NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0fdbiqAnzA Visit our website: http://www.c...More

40 Year Old Joe Pavey (GBR) wins 10,000m Final European Athletics Championships 2014

Found this in r/running ..... it really needs to be seen by more people. She is 40 btw. Britain's Jo Pavey becomes the oldest female European champion, winning gold in the 10,000m in Zurich

Donzi 43 ZR Hits 40+ Ft Wave In Pacific Ocean, Huge Air!!! Shot by Pete Koff

Idiot millionaire wrecks his $300,000+ Speedboat by playing in massive surf and catching air off 25ft wave. Video shot by Pete Koff Avenue Multimedia San Francisco A not so bright individual took his 6 figure 43 ZR straight into a 40+ ft wave off the coast of California and gets major air. Very st...More

40 quid for a blow job ?

40 quid for a blow job?. some guy came up to my car at 9:30 while I was getting ready to open up work . try's selling me a blow job, some perfume and a watch . for any 1 curious the woman was fair chubby , blackish teeth in primark leggings, you wouldn't bang It with your mates cock facebook - h...More

Eminem - Rap God | Performed In 40 Styles | Ten Second Songs

Eminem - Rap God | Performed In 40 Styles | Ten Second Songs. My name is Anthony Vincent and I'm the voice of Ten Second Songs. Click on the link below to subscribe to my channel to see/hear some more awesome music from me! http://tinyurl.com/mp8kgb4 Subscribe to my 2nd channel for behind the scen...More

Why Stress Is Good for You - Instant Egghead #40

Stress. It makes us sweat, gives us headaches and is blamed for all sorts of medical maladies. But did you know that stress, in small measure, can actually help us succeed? Scientific American MIND editor Ingrid Wickelgren explains. More to explore: Enhance Your Resilience [Preview] http://www.sci...More

40 Years of The Cell Phone

Take a walk down memory lane with this animated timeline covering the 40-year history of the mobile cell phone.

Hitting REBECCA BLACK in the FACE! (and 40 other YouTubers)

One of my favorite Youtubers. How to hit people in the face and get away with it. MORE FACE HITTING! http://youtu.be/UG7-xaxDLx0 SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/SubMF Hitting People in Hollywood 2013 http://youtu.be/3z4mGzO5piE FACEBOOK GIVEAWAYS! http://facebook.com/mediocrefilms T-SHIRTS! http://medioc...More

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