Buck the Cubicle #2

Bruce Gardner excels at the Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango, or "Shiny Dumpling". He first learned about the practice from the sci-fi writer William Gibson, and the rest is history. Bruce is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Buck the Cubicle is a series featuring people who get out, get dirty an...More



Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: "Bot Trust"

Portal 2 had four hilarious promo videos narrated by J.K. Simmons. Here's my favorite: Bot Trust. In this week's informational video, Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson explains why robots'll get you the biggest bang for your testing dollar. Don't wait until April 19th to get in on the ground flo...More

2 Chainz Smokes Out of a $10,000 Bong | Most Expensivest Shit

2 Chainz is a self-described “casual smoker,” but when he’s presented with the opportunity to smoke out of the "Picasso of bongs” what do you think he’s going to do? SUBSCRIBE for more videos: ‪http://gqm.ag/YouTubeSub ABOUT “MOST EXPENSIVEST SHIT” Forget about ...More

Seeking Nirvana Pt. 2 ~ Cabin Fever

Childhood friends embark on a journey past roads-end. Far from civilization, deep in the wilds of British Columbia, time slows as they align with their surroundings. Battling blizzards they quest towards untracked landscapes of powder glory. Through trial and triumph they tirelessly press on. The sn...More

Black Ops FFA Win In 2 Minutes - Generic Geoff Gameplay Commentary

All professional youtubers should learn from this guy. Like the video... it really helps me out. Please take into consideration this is a joke. Follow and find me here: http://www.twitter.com/whyaim http://www.facebook.com/mosesletmypeoplego Email or donate at; stillatspawn@gmail.com You can also...More

Amazing Boxing! The FASTEST GIRL, 2 years after triumph. CАМАЯ БЫСТРАЯ ДЕВОЧКА, спустя 2 года

“BOXING BABY” GREW UP A BIT AND NOW SHE HITS EVEN HARDER AND FASTER! 20.04.2015 5055 She’s doing way better every year! Do you remember little Evnika from the Kazakh city of Pavlodar? This girl became a Youtube star when she was only five – the video where Evnika throws about a hundred sho...More

Can Jamie conjure up four yeses? | Audition Week 2 | Britain's Got Talent 2015

This is simply one of the best magic tricks I have ever seen.. See more from Britain's Got Talent at http://itv.com/talent We've no idea how he does it, but 31-year-old Jamie Raven has everyone mesmerised with his clever conjuring act. After presenting the Judges with special BGT £50 notes, it's ...More

Yamaha R6 Stolen from Apartment Complex Part 2

Crosspost from r/motorcycles for visibility. Yamaha R6 Stolen. Mission, KS. Video Footage. 5/1/15 4:07PM. Footage of my neighbor's bike being stolen in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday. Mission, KS.

Ted 2 - Official Restricted Trailer (HD)

Ted 2 - Official Restricted Trailer (HD) Ted Is Coming, Again - June 26 http://www.legalizeted.com/ #LegalizeTed Seth MacFarlane returns as writer, director and voice star of Ted 2, Universal and Media Rights Capital’s follow-up to the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time. Joined...More

Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?

Why do exams always tell you to use a number 2 pencil? What happens if you don’t? Quick Questions explains! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Messages from our Subbable subscribers: “Man, I was really holding out for that lab coat!” - Erik Avalos “Flabbergasted lemmings elegantly circu...More

WATCH: Black Man Who Tortures, Kills 2 White Teens Makes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Speech in Court

Black man who tortures, kills two white teens makes ‘Black Lives Matter’ speech in court. VIDEO: Fredrick Young , Black Man Who Tortured, Executed Two White Teens Declares ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Sentencing. Men sentenced to life for murder, torture of Westland teens DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) -...More

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