1938 Chicago Cubs Game (Home Movie)

1938 home movie of a Chicago Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field. Shot by Chicagoan Jacob Glick. More on the film courtesy of DNA Info Chicago: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20150203/wrigleyville/home-video-from-1938-gives-look-inside-wrigley-field-when-ivy-was-young Original: 16mm., B&W, Si...More

"Lights Out" radio play. The Dream. (Karloff) 1938

My dad introduced me to Old Time Radio shows as a kid. This one terrified me. "The Dream" with Boris Karloff [30:00]. "Lights Out" was a classic Horror/SciFi radio show that ran over the 30's and 40's. Perfect when the title's instruction is followed or when travelling dark highways. This ...More

1938 Window Washers

From the archives of the British Pathe comes a look at the brave window washers of 1938 taking on the Empire State Building.

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